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The 4-way cassette PLFY-VBM controls the temperature difference at the top and bottom in a room by checking the floor temperature with The "i-See Sensor" (Optional part PAC-SA1ME-E). Use of the i-See sensor provides comfortable air conditioning through "sensible temperature control" and prevents overcooling/overheating and improves energy efficiency. i-See sensor is the ultimate in automatic climate control.

Automatic air speed adjustment
The Auto Fan Speed mode enables speedy and comfortable heating during start up. The air flow speeds up when starting, and slows down when the air conditioning becomes stable.

Wide air flow
Discharge air reaches a wider area and the fan speed is descreased by 20% thanks to the new wide shape air outlet.

Draft-less air distribution
The horizontal blow mode supplies airflow horizontally so that cooled/warmed air is not blown directly on occupants below.
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