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Posted on Sep 22,2015 by Admin

Every summer the temperature goes up and it become more hot in our country. There are so many ways that we can get rid of this high rising temperature but nothing works that much so that we could get a sustainable conditions. Whether in the houses or somewhere else, the conditions remains the same, fans and cooler are not sufficient to face this situation. Because of the rising budgets we are forced to conflict our requirements and let the things happen as they are getting and let them harm our-self.

If a little bit of budget will be managed then an A.C can reduce our issues of this increasing temperature as no fan and cooler works. The coolers just add the humidity to the weather but do not help in to decrease the room temperature efficiently, so the only best option left is to install an air conditioner in our homes. An A.C can get everyone out through this intolerable months comfortably. But there is another issue with this A.C concept, that it ends up with big electricity bills, its electricity consumption is much high that leads to increase the electricity bills. But on contrary I want to say that A.C do not let to increase your bill amounts until there is some problem into the machinery or may be you have not buy an appropriate A.C according to your utility.

This is a fact that you must aware of the things that you should check before buying an A.C. These fact wills be responsible for your A.C functioning and its consumption along with its life. Buying an A.C can make your home cool more efficiently and saves your money as long as you know what to look for. There are some points about purchasing an A.C, that should be considered at the purchasing time.

Zones : An air conditioners comes with a ZONE technology. The cooling area is dependent on the number of zones. A single zone air conditioner may not be able to cool down multiple rooms. Dual or triple zone air conditioners are there to work effective in multiple rooms. It takes some more money for getting dual zoned or triple zoned air conditioner, dual zoned have two air handlers whereas the triple zoned have three of it.

Energy Efficiency : This is the most definite factor one must keep in mind while selecting an air conditioner. AC are the gadgets which consumes huge amount of power. Energy efficiency of an AC can be estimated in terms of star rating. The higher the star rating the more will be efficiency and that will lowed your electricity bills. There are so many models of AC which do acquires very less energy.
Cooling Capacity : The ability of cooling an area is known as cooling capacity and it is always measured in British Thermal Units. The higher the BTU the cooling capacity will be increased. Some new aged technologies are here like auto climate technology, auto humidity control, kaimin etc which enhance the cooling capacity of an AC. These facilities are now loaded in all AC.

Installation Requirements : If you are planning for buying AC, then you should first decide that where you will place your AC in your home. Measure that place and than select the unit that can easily be fixed there. Some of the AC requires additional wiring and installation of metal sheets. The location of the window should be determined with the flow and uniform distribution of cool air around the room.
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