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Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Posted on Sep 29,2015 by Admin
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The floor standing air conditioner has taken the drastic change in the field of air conditioners and its uses. Nobody knows how much is the floor standing air conditioners are relevant for cooling purposes in homes. They are constructed so intelligently with all latest technologies. For making it more worthy some additional features are adjoined in it. Different companies offers different features and specifications from their side to make the product more vigorous in market. This is really a revolutionary change in air conditioner's market.

It gives a symmetric cooling experience in all the directions of the room. The adjustable nobs are there to change the flow of the air. The adjustable air direction will tend to you to get the cooling air all the time. Even the speed and the temperature of the air conditioner is also adjustable. Remote adjustment as well as the display adjustment both can be done any how. Just in the first 10 minutes of the operation you will get a healthy and comfortable cool experience. First it cool downs the objects but after reaching up to a specific temperature its direction of nobs will change automatically and then it will start cooling the above area.

There is no more issue in air flow, as the a result of horizontal and vertical flaps that moves independently of one another. It is now feature with 3D cooling and broad left right air flow. A inbuilt filter is also placed inside the body of the air conditioner, it collects around 60% of the dust and other foul germs from the air. The most of the disease causing germs are present in air, also it communicates from one another. This air filter will minimize the proportion of forwarding germs out of the air conditioner.

It is very much energy efficient and industries leading highest efficiency ratio perfect cooling and low power consumption. Its super excellent power cooling consists of high efficiency heat exchanger. It elaborate optimizes refrigerant system that leads to make it more successful in the field of floor standing air conditioners. 

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